Spell Name
The caster is sheathed in armor of ice.
Air   Fire   Needs_Work  
Create billowing clouds of black smoke.
Body   Life   Needs_Work  
Expend Hitpoints to restore Energy or Stamina.
Air   Needs_Work  
1d6 + Power Modifier Air Damage
Air   Needs_Work  
Create breathable air.
Explosive blast of flames.
Air   Fire   Needs_Work  
Fill the battlefield with smoke.
Touch attack that deals 2d8+POW frost damage, plus 1d4+POW Stamina damage.
A Spell Stone is a prepackaged, one use, spell that is usable by anyone with the Spark of Magick.
Gain Mage Sight for a time.
Deal 1d6+POW non elemental magical damage.
A power stone is a permanent magic item that lets you store energy for later use.
This ritual attunes a “Spell Stone” to hold a spell.
Tap into the base energy of an object or effect's pattern.
Build a wall of flames between you and your enemies.
Communicate over short distances using the wind
Air   Needs_Work  
1d8+POW Air Damage