Tap Pattern

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Fuel Pattern; Sense Magick
Tap into the base energy of an object or effect's pattern.
Through the focus of your senses and will you tap into the base energy of an object or effect's pattern.

At its most basic level, this skill allows you to tap into these patterns to syphon energy for your own purposes, and will often be used in conjunction with other abilities and effects.

The uses, difficulty, and cost associated with this skill will vary greatly based on circumstances.

Some objects and effects are actively created for the purpose of storing and transferring energy in a general fashion, such as power stones. Tapping these to use their stored power generally requires no skill check and has no effective difficulty.

[b]Power Stones and Energy Stores[/b]
Tapping into a power stone to fuel spell effects uses this skill, but may be performed untrained at no penalty.

The act of tapping into a power stone to replenish your own energy stores, however, cannot be performed untrained.

[b]Stationary Effects[/b]
Stationary effects that require an energy pool to sustain can be 'attacked' using this ability. A successful attack allows the caster to drain energy from the pool that is sustaining the effect, and once that pool is empty, disrupt the effect.

If the effect is centered on a specific object, and the caster is able to touch that object, then the base difficulty rating for this use of Tap Pattern is the effective skill level of the caster that created it. This may be further modified by other circumstances, effects, and abilities. If the effect is disembodied in a general area, or the caster is unable to touch the object that the effect is anchored to, then the difficulty rating is at a +5 penalty as long as the caster is within Short range of the effect (Spell Rank * 1 meters). There is an additional +5 penalty if the caster is beyond that range, but within Near range of the effect (Spell Rank * 10 meters).

Breaking the final effect, once the energy pool is drained, requires an expenditure of energy equal to the effective skill level of the effect. If the effect's caster is not aware of the attack, however, it is occasionally convenient to just let the effect die on its own.

[b]Enchanted Objects[/b]
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